Error while installing plugin

I am getting error, while trying to load the code in the ruby console

# encoding: UTF-8
require 'sketchup.rb'
module Sekar24 # Main module names
	module Kitchen # Module name
		Class << self
		def start_test()
			model = Sketchup.active_model
			entities = model.active_entities
			group = entities.add_group
#----INPUT DATA -------------
prompts = ["Width: ","Height: ","Depth: "] # array of prompts
        defaults = ["50.0","100.0","10.0"] # array of default inputs (as strings)
        list = ["","",""] # array of default responses
        input = UI.inputbox prompts, defaults, list, "Enter Panel Parameters" # displays prompt / returns array of inputs
        width = input[0].to_l # converts input string to model units
        height = input[1].to_l # converts input string to model units
        depth = input[2].to_l # converts input string to model units
# ---------------------------------------------
        face = group.entities.add_face([0,0,0],[width,0,0],[width,0,height],[0,0,height],[0,0,0]) # add a face using the data
        face.pushpull(depth,false) # push/pull the face (special case: if created on the x/y plane, a negative number is needed)
      end # end of 'def' 
    end # end of 'class'
    unless file_loaded?("kitchen.rb") # if the file is not loaded into SketchUp, execute the next lines
# The next line adds a menu item to the PlugIns menu (i.e., 'Extensions' menu) and executes the code inside
# the braces (i.e, 'start_test()') when clicked - the 'UI' is a SketchUp API item
      menu ="PlugIns").add_item("Kitchen") { start_test() }
      file_loaded("kitchen.rb") # since the file wasn't loaded at this point, load it from disk
   end #end of 'unless'
  end #end of 'module'
end #end of 'module'


class should be lower case

class << self

Ok. Thanks

If you instead use …

extend self

once at the top of your module definition, … then you don’t need to have the anonymous singleton class << self block, and will not need a closing end (for the block) and won’t need an indent for such a block.

Thanks Dan