Error when attempting to update Sketchup Pro

I’m receiving an error message when attempting to update Sketchup Pro from 23.0.419 to the current version. The error message is pictured below. I’ve attempted both over Ethernet and Wifi. The device is not being blocked by a firewall. This is occurring on all 24 devices we have Sketchup installed on.

I get the same error message. My SU is already to date.

You can go to the downloads page and download the latest version “manually”.

This has been reported by other users, too. As I understand it the developers are looking into it. Just go to and download the current version of SketchUp 2023. After it is downloaded, right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator.

By the way, SketchUp 23.0.419 is NOT SketchUp for Schools. Please correct your forum profile.