Error using SUModelCreateFromFile and SUComponentInstanceSaveAs

Hi everyone,

I have a.skp file representing a house, and I use the function SUComponentInstanceSaveAs to isolate some of its elements in another temporary file, which I then read using SUModelCreateFromFile.

It works fine for several test cases, but I just got a new one and there is one element (one of the walls of the house) which leads to a SU_ERROR_SERIALIZATION when calling SUModelCreateFromFile, while the corresponding call to SUComponentInstanceSaveAs seems to work fine (at least it returns SU_ERROR_NONE)

I really don’t get what’s wrong and I wonder if anyone has ever experienced such an issue?
Could something be wrong in the original model of the house?

Any help would be appreciated. I can provide the original .skp if need be.



The SUComponentInstanceSaveAs API function has serious issues which have been logged in the official API issue tracker: