Equally space 3 circles in a rectangle

Is there a way to equally space 3 circles within a rectangle?

You need to clarify what you mean by “equally space 3 circles”. Then it’s a geometry question, really. If you know how to do it with compass and ruler, you can do it in SketchUp, but there is nothing built-in that understands the question.

Like this? With Curic Space plugin.

Seems like a lot of trouble and an unnecessary plugin: just right-click the edge of the rectangle, choose divide and give 4 as the number of segments. Then draw a circle at one of the division points and move/copy the circle to the other points (or use array copy if you prefer).

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Like this for “Divide”?

Yeah, but again it comes down to what the OP means by “equally space”…He might not mean along an edge and might mean the spacing of centers rather than the intervals between. We don’t know yet - though I see he is replying.

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Or just create a rectangle, group it, draw a circle, move so it is tangent to one edge of the rectangle. Move (ctrl) to tangent to the other side and hit /4.

are the 3 circles the same size?
if so the recatangle is 1diameter X 3diameters… if in a straight line!

As mentioned above you can divide and array to fit the 3 perfectly into the rectangle.
But if you just want 3 equally spaced relative to each other here’s a simple one.


On a related side note while having a coffee brake from bilge plumbing. Rectangles can be a pain when it comes to rotate copies because some things don’t fall at 90. Non symmetric things really need to mirror rather than rotate.
So you can rotate copy the other way to flip things into place.


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