Environment Light Problem


Hi guys, the green color of my environment map is inside the house and its making it with a green light in the walls what can i do to solve this?



"ozone – Affects the color of the sun light. Available in the range between 0.0 and 1.0. Smaller values make the sunlight more yellow, larger values make it blue. For more information, see The Ozone Value example below. "

color mode – Affects the way the color in the Filter color parameter affects the color of the sun.”

“…the sun position also changes the appearance of the sky and the sun light color.”


Hi @Bommer997, take a look at this: Override Material (Example: Using the GI Material).

That link is for 3ds Max. SketchUp docs would be more appropriate: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYSKETCHUP/V-Ray+Sun+and+V-Ray+Sky+|+SunLight


While it might not be this severe in reality, getting bounce off of colors from outside is a natural look.
If I’m not mistaken, while you can have an environment map for a background, you don’t necessarily have to use that same (IBL) to light the scene, so you could choose another light map or sun?