Entry point hardware suggestions for SketchUp VR

I’m working on a major remodel, and have modeled a few options. Before I pull the trigger on what I want to do, I’d really like to view this in VR to make sure I’m making the right choices with this.

Look Oculus Quest is the affordable option? Do I need PC hardware to go with this? My computer system is certainly powerful enough, but I know I would need a new graphics card - I’ve got an ultra-cheap one I picked up. But anything but the low end are difficult to get these days.

So anyway - I’m looking at what my options are with this and any directions somewhat might give me.

If you want to dive in VR, the specs need to go up. Ram helps (32GB) and a fast processor, but the graphics needs to be minimal nvidia rtx 2070 or simular amd.
Please note that the Oculus Quest still runs the same pixel ratio as the first generation, at least the last time I tested this…