Entering all dimensions in Measurements (née VCB)



I know one can enter values into the measurements box by typing a value followed by a comma and then another value ( e.g 10,10 ).

Is there a way to do all three co-ordinates instead of just length and width? ( e.g. [10,10,10] ) I could have sworn there used to be a way.


You can if you are scaling a 3d object and you use the unit with the number.
Eg: Scale, move handle, let go and type 10m,10’,10" and you’ll get something 10metres by 10feet by 10inches.


If you draw a line and immediately type something like [10,10,10] and hit enter, this will set the second end-point of the line to the coordinate you specify.

This works with the Move tool as well.


or you can draw line with relative cordinate value with < x, y, z > on VCB


FYI (page 110 of the SketchUp 6 manual):


Ah that’s what I must have been remembering! Entering to a co-ordinate in 3D space, rather than specifying dimensions of a cube.