Entering all dimensions in Measurements (née VCB)

I know one can enter values into the measurements box by typing a value followed by a comma and then another value ( e.g 10,10 ).

Is there a way to do all three co-ordinates instead of just length and width? ( e.g. [10,10,10] ) I could have sworn there used to be a way.

You can if you are scaling a 3d object and you use the unit with the number.
Eg: Scale, move handle, let go and type 10m,10’,10" and you’ll get something 10metres by 10feet by 10inches.

If you draw a line and immediately type something like [10,10,10] and hit enter, this will set the second end-point of the line to the coordinate you specify.

This works with the Move tool as well.

or you can draw line with relative cordinate value with < x, y, z > on VCB

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FYI (page 110 of the SketchUp 6 manual):

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Ah that’s what I must have been remembering! Entering to a co-ordinate in 3D space, rather than specifying dimensions of a cube.


I am new to Revit and I am using the educational web version on my Chromebook. I have tried several times to draw a rectangle to a certain dimension but whenever I type the desired dimension into the vcb it stays Highlighted. I click enter but it doesn´t change anything. As soon as I move my mouse it changes. Extremely frustrating not sure what I am doing wrong.

This is a SKETCHUP forum:
At the appropriate time to input dims etc, do NOT click in the VCB. Let go of the mouse and type the …

Thanks for responding yes I recently was using Revit whoops! Yeah, I´m not sure because I open the rectangle tool click once on the plane and immediately enter my dimensions and click enter. I do this without clicking the vcb. I type the dimensions and they show up but they don´t affect the rectangle at all. From looking at other videos, the vcb doesn´t stay highlighted like mine. Not sure if this is part of the issue or not.

Before entering the dimensions you have to drag out the rectangle so SketchUp knows where you want it to be. The steps should be to click and release, move the cursor in the general direction of the diagonally opposite corner, let go of the mouse and type in the dimensions using the correct separator.


Awesome I got it to work. One more question. How do you enter a dimension such as 4´ 6 1/4 ¨ ? For some reason I can only enter dimensions in inches and decimal such as : 4ft 6in as 48.5 Is there another way, It doesn’t seem to register the ´ for feet or the ¨ for inches Not sure how to enter in a fractional form.

Screenshot - 3_18_2020 , 9_33_36 PM

Okay I got it to work. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated.