Enlarge an object

Hello I have a prob… simple question.

How to enlarge an object without measuremant changes.51017.skp (460.6 KB)

Zoom in.

Hi @abniezenster.

I’m afraid you need to be a little bit more specific about what you really need, if you only want to enlarge and object and keep the rest of dimensions then take a look at this extension:



I think the drawing is not recieved. So again.
Only the spoke bigger without changing the size values. Or do I have to change the values back after scaling?
Albert51017.skp (467.7 KB)

I saw the draw, but I don’t understand the question.

Make ONLY the spoke bigger with scaling the values rises. With zoom the hole drawing comes bigger.
Is it possible to scale without changing the values?

You’re not giving anything to go on. what do you want to do?
Something like this?

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NO, It"s clear what you doing I onderstand. But take that spoke at the side with the mesurement and do the same.

The component to the side is unrelated to the ones in the wheel.

You need to make your request more understandable. What I have read is that you want to make it larger without changing its dimensions. You can’t make something larger without changing its dimensions. If that was possible, you’d be able to wear the same clothes you wore when you were only a year old.


510171.skp (438.9 KB)
I thought it was possible. I obtain my goal in an other way.
Scaling the wheel small and ZOOM the draw.
Thanks for your help.

you were right! But first scaling other oject (wheel) smaller.

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