Eneroth Tool Memory

I am really excited to finally be releasing Eneroth Tool Memory. It’s been 7 months since I started working on it and I’ve published another 20 or so extensions in the meantime. This is however the one I’ve mostly been looking forward to releasing.

This plugin lets you cycle the stack of the most recently used tools with a keystroke, similarly to how Alt+Tab cycles windows. It is designed to greatly speed up and streamline the work flow for advanced users. The plugin is especially helpful for those specialized tools you don’t use enough to have short and easy to remember shortcuts for, but use too often for toolbars and menus to be sufficient.

After having gotten used to having this plugin myself I really miss it when I work on a computer without it.

Try it out today and see how it affects your work flow!



Can you select the extension and lock it in the selection options?

What do you mean by lock? And what extension?

Lock in as in pre-selected extensions of one’s choosing, in a shortcut manner, that you can toggle through as your extension does.

It lists tools, not extensions. The list contains the last used tools, in the order they were used. It’s not just a menu or a toolbar but a way to quickly switch back and forth between the tools you are using. By default 6 tools are listed but you can set it to any number you like (well, at som point it doesn’t fit your screen).

Example of how Eneroth Tool Memory can be used along with some custom Ruby Tools. It is as most useful for the tools you don’t use as often that you can have a dedicated shortcut, but once you use them use them so much that it’s cumbersome to select them again and again in the toolbars or menus.

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very slick :clap:

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