Eneroth Building Instructions

New extension published!

This one lets you define an order groups/components should be assembled in, and preview the building steps. Useful when managing connections between parts or just remembering what part to glue on. Can be used for wood working, architectural scale models and more!



I use your texture positioning plugin daily amongst other plugins of yours I also use but less frequently. Its one of the first plugins I install. So thankful for all your contributions!

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couple of things…

one: pure genius! thanks!

two: if i have a group or component set as step 0, in the attributes there is no “ene_building_instructions”.

but the second element is set to 1 and shows up in the attributes as 1

if i set the first element to 1, then the ene_building instructions is set to 0. for consistency, you might make step 0 = 0 in the attributes so no matter what it is there.

it may be tricky because of potential for re-numbering - so maybe zero is reserved and not a valid step (which only start @ 1) :slight_smile:

This is a really great extension. I have been using the tag function to do this previously and toggling the visibility to hid a show groups in a sequence.

Though in my line of work the process is disassembly so ill be using it to show the sequences in reverse.

If you were going to keep developing this extension it would be nice to be able to swap the order around. So step one hides rather than shows the group. It would also be useful to have more than one group assigned to a step so that things can be shown to happen simultaneously.

But not to “look a gift horse in the mouth” this is an elegant and effective extension given for free so we can only be thankful.

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Zero currently devotes it’s not in the building sequence (always shown). I was unsure how to best express that. You can set the text to 0 or make it blank if you want an element to no longer be tracked.

Internally the values are zero indexed but in the UI they are one indexes, so they’ll always differ by 1.

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I did think of ways to add multiple items on the same step but it made reordering steps much more complicated. Now when giving something a number within the sequence, it just pushes what was previously on that step and later back a step. With multiple items on the sane step you need to differentiate between adding more to an existing step and inserting in front of it. I think that’d need to be a graphical UI with drag and drop for reordering and that’s just so much more work.


thanks! (again - for this and many other great extensions!)

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