Advice on Eneroth Town House System

Hi, there!
I have been playing with the wonderful Eneroth Townhouse system extention wich I think is amazing.
I have been able to create a couple of buildings (templates) that seem to function ok. But one of the things I like about the system, is the possibility to change textures easily.
However on of my models does not react to this texture-exchange feature the way I expected. It is a stairwell that you can add in the dialog. And so far I checked that there was no nesting of groups/components in this case.

Anybody here that have experiences with the extention -who could lead me to where I made a mistake in the construcition of the template?

uploaded an image of the building (right) and the template file that the extention uses

best regards
Johan (381.2 KB)

Hi Hohan,

I’m glad you like the extension!

It seems the ‘Replace Material within this part’ is unchecked for the the main entrance.

Thanks! Embarassing that I didn’t spot that in the first place.

I searched for forum posts about this extention and was amazed that there is almost nothing. I’m just an amateur playing with it. But there should be professionals to whom it could be a great tool

Best regards