Endpoint Restriction Extension

Is there any extension that will block you from placing endpoints too close together? I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally place an endpoint 1mm away from another endpoint instead of on top of it. This can create massive problems later if you don’t realize in time and keep building on it.

There is absolutely no reason in my project I would ever place endpoints closer than 1 cm apart. I want to block this action. And also I would like to block a line from being placed when any point of that line is less than 1cm from any point on another line.

You seem to be describing two different issues for you, if I understand what you are asking.

1 You sometimes get endpoints that should join not joining.
2. You sometimes want endpoints that are fairly close together not to join

Is that a correct understanding on my part?

If so, then the solution to (1) is to pay close attention to the tooltip inference when placing the later endpoint - make sure you get a highlighted ‘Endpoint’ inference.

And the solution to (2) is to separate the geometry by using components. Geometry in two different components won’t stick together.

Does that help?

No just the first thing. and lines too. Basically I want to make sure no
lines or endpoints get too close to each other.

Can you describe further what it is you are trying to draw? I don’t really understand what the problem is that you are trying to solve.

Perhaps upload a model or even two models - one that shows what you DO want to happen, and one that shows what you DON’T want to happen (but it has)? Why does your model have ‘loose’ endpoints? Most ‘solid’ models don’t.

Also make sure your Model Info > Units does NOT have snap set !
If it’s set to say 1mm that could explain why you are snapping off where you expect !!

Reset you main template to NOT have snap set too, so that future models do not have the issue and you then don’t need to remember to fix it every time…

From a normal distance my structure surface looks fine, but when you zoom in really really close you can see
two parallel lines that are a few mm apart. I know how to fix it, I am not asking how to fix it. But I want to find a way to block this from happening in the first place. A minimum distance that a point or line can be from another line. It is happening too often no matter how careful I am. There should be some way to tell sketchup that you are not creating microscopic structures so things should never been less than 1cm apart.

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