Elevation information with geolocation

When geolocating a model, I’m surprised that there is no elevation information brought in with the geolocation. I would think that the elevation at the origin in the geolocated model would be provided. Else, there’s no frame of reference for modeling a structure in the geolocated file. Being able to match an elevation in a geolocated model to the civil plan would be very useful.

Does anyone have a way of dealing with this?

I’m close to sea level, and most of my projects are, but given SU’s trouble with models being far from the origin, some meaningful project origin is usually needed. Interpreting the meaning of that in actual elevation numbers means doing math which would be nice if SU could do it for you.

My usual more pressing struggle is that the most accurate info comes from a surveyor’s contour map, but that typically only covers the project’s property. For neighbors and nearby context then, the only source is imported grade from SU geolocation or Placemaker which varies a lot in quality and always has at least some discrepancy with the survey, and trying get them to come together is a major pain. I have not found an easy solution for that. Given the inaccuracy of the terrain data downloaded from any source I’ve used, I wouldn’t rely on it for actual elevation data. I find I have to set my own reference point, and then get all the other source info coordinated with it as best as possible.

yeah, it’s very situational, some countries have very good cadastral + gis data available for all for free, some don’t.
I’ve use cadmapper in a similar fashion a few times, but their terrain is equally as bad as the one from SU. Some local solutions might exist, but the global ones that SU is tapped into won’t access / use them.

like, right now, since a few years, in france we’re scanning the country with a lidar. almost the whole southern part is already available, but you need softwares to treat that data (it’s point clouds right now), and since it’s official public data, not sure SU’s purveyor will have the right to access it and “sell it”. Plus, not sure they’ll want to do the job for each country.

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