Efficiently separating multiple solids

In my workflow i come across this situation quite a lot (see image)
1.) I have a model with multiple seperate solids, that make up a “buildings outer walls” (in example extremely simplified).
2.) I want to have each facade of this “building” in a seperate group (group 1 to 8 in this example), those groups then consists of 3 solids.

In my current worklflow this is quite a lot of cuting and pasting. time consuming…
How would you guys/girls tackle this problem ?

Because the cuts are always a vertical plane and under 45°, it would be ideal if there was an extension (free or paying) that could seperate the solids by (for example) switching to top view (ortho), drawing a cutline in one sweep on the XY-plane and having that extension cut up the 3 solids (at once ?) into their smaller parts.

Any idea is welcome to speed thing up !

Might have a look at Profile Builder from Mindsight Studios. It could run your profiles around a path and automatically split them at the miters.

sounds like a great extension if you can start from scratch. Do you know if it also works for an existing model to cut solids at the miters ?

No it doesn’t split existing ones. TIG’s Split Tools from Sketchucation could do that.

For similar future models planning ahead to use Profile Builder will help to reduce the amount of work you need to do.

Here is ProfileBuilder3 in action. In this case, I used the section tool to get the paths. You dont have to do this if you want to just draw the extrusions. Note that PB3 has been set up to mitre the corners and create each segment as a separate solid. In my example, I did not use a profile dimensioned to your original wall thickness… something that you would want to correct.

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For new models this is indeed a great tool, but maybe I portrayed my example model a bit to simple. In real situations the wall-solids aren’t all the same height perse. Therefore I’m looking more for a tool to slice existing solids into seperate solids (for example with a group of faces.

Maybe something more like this ?

The TIG’s Split Tools from Sketchucation only splits faces if I’m not mistaken ?

The point of split tools is to break faces at the appropriate places so you can easily create groups.
Split tools

Zorro2 may also be an option for you.
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Split Tools, Face(s) to Group(s), Fredo JPP, Curic DIO2, Curic Stretch