Edit Text in Leaders doesn't seem to work - No way to add a new leader?

I’ve imported a model to MySketchup which was built in Make 2017. It has leaders.

If I right click on a leader, an option comes up to edit the text, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Further, I don’t see an option to create a new leader.

I’m sort of stuck, as Make 2017 no longer works on my main windows laptop for some unknown reason (crash on startup), and I can’t do the edits I need to do in My.Sketchup either.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Those features haven’t been implemented yet. Remember, my.SketchUp is still in Beta.

Maybe you need to sort out the crashing on your laptop and fix that.

I guess it was just surprising to me that the menu item for “edit” was present. I assumed that if it wasn’t implemented, it wouldn’t even be on the menu.

It looks like I did get the laptop back up and running, so I’m out of my jam.

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