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I’m learning to work with SketchUp Make 2017.
There’s only one problem; I can’t seem to open the ‘Context Click’-menu on 3d objects. I want to change the position of material (turn it 45* to the right) on a cone. I can only open the Conext Click-menu on a flat surface.
I know I’m doing someting wrong but I can’t seem to find the problem. On YouTube I couldn’t find any tutorials about this specific subject.
Down below you see the cone (i’m making four of them because the cone is the ‘leg’ of the table).
The cone’s material is wood. It’s now horizontal but I want it to be vertical.

Thank you for your help,

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Sara from the Netherlands

Go to View and tick hidden geometry, then go to your leg and select just one face bordered by the hidden geometry. Now right click/ texture…

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Thank you for your fast reply:slight_smile:
I’m still clearly doing something wrong.
I get the steps: Go to view, tick hidden geometry.
But the next steps I don’t understand. I think because of the language barrier. Can you explain what the next steps mean? Maby than I can translate it to my own language and know what I need to do.
I made a screenshot for you. I also placed the leg in a group. Thats because i’m a real photoshoplover and wanted to put everything in its own layer so I can adjust everything on it’s own. Couldn’t find the ‘layer’ option so I thought iIm making a group. No idea if thats the right thing to do…
I started to use SketchUp last monday so I’m a real Sketchup rookie lol.

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Use components, not groups, almost always. Either will separate geometry so it doesn’t ‘stick together’ but components have the property that if you edit one copy all the copies change to match. If you don’t want that, use Right-click, Make Unique, to make a different version.

And Layers do NOT separate geometry. NEVER EVER assign layers other than Layer0 to the edges and faces you draw.

Always leave the radio button for Layer0 in the Layers window checked, so you always draw you geometry on Layer0.

Only assign layers to components or groups.

Thnx for all the replys.

I didn’t zoom in enough, that was the problem. So when I zoomed in all the way I could select one of the areas, clicked right and the menu appeard, yay! I noticed that because of the little tutorial you made.

I also started using the components. Can I compare ‘components’ with photoshop layers? It works better, thank you for sharing.

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They are similar in that components in Sketchup separate different parts of your geometry so you can deal with them independently, as I think is the case with layers in Photoshop.

Layers in SU do NOT separate geometry, and you should always draw your geometry on Layer0 - leave the radio button for Layer0 always ON in the Layers window.

I’m never touching the layer0 part and i’m going to put every object in its own component.
Although it is not the right place to ask this question I’m still going to ask it :kissing_closed_eyes::

I’ve got furniture in my own living room that I want to have in my SU living room (just to practice).
I only made the coffee tables last week. Is their any way that I can upload my own furniture by a picture and made it in a 3d object? Or do I need to built everything when I can’t find it in the warehouse or the internet?

If you take good photos of the furniture you could import the images with MatchPhoto to use a guides for drawing 3D models of the pieces. I use that once in awhile but more often if I import a photo, I just stand it up in the background of the model space so I can use it for reference. Since you’d have the furniture close at hand, you can take measurements of it as you are drawing. Here are some examples of pieces of furniture I’ve model from photos.

I found the SU tutorial about how to use MatchPhoto.
Going to practice that tomorrow.

I’m impressed of your designes! It looks really good!

Thnx again :slight_smile:

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