Dynamic Stair Recommendation

Anyone have a recommendation for a dynamic stair component?

I’m looking for a basic, straight staircase that enables the input of rise and run dimensions, or that is at least somewhat functional.

I’ve tried over a dozen from the 3D warehouse and I have yet to find one that’s satisfactory.


Here is link to old DC stair plugins by Howard Lesile; DC StairCaseBuilder • sketchUcation • 1;
do a search in the forms ( Including Sketchucation) there are some by others also.

You might find Stair Maker helpful.

Hey @mac7595,

I looked at this DC because I would like to make use of a good dynamic stair component, but I could not get it to change in any way. The bounding box is yellow and it’s impossible to see the grip handles when attempting to use the scale tool on it. How do you change the color of the bounding box to blue like the other DC’s that I have used before?

Window > Styles > Edit > Modelling Settings (blue box) > Selected

Ask and it shall be answered. Thanks @anme.

I’ve just been developing my first DC, and have made a simple straight stair, which (as far as I’ve tested it) seems to work ok.

See if it suits you.

V new to this forum, so not sure if I can attach a SU file - I will if I can, if not, I’ll add it to the 3D Warehouse and get back to you here with a link.

A few minutes later - sorry, don’t see how either to insert or attach a file.

Here’s a link to the model in the 3D Warehouse.

In the reply box there is a button in the top menu that is a small black rectangle with an arrow pointing up. That’s the upload button.

I brought your stairs into SU and I find that there are no Component Options to choose.

Ok. I didn’t click far enough to get into the component. It works with a double click in.

May I ask why you need to use a DC rather than two (or however many) separate stair components? You could make a standard tread/riser module and a few other standard details and then just crank out staircases to order on demand pretty easily. Just curious, because, for my personal use, I haven’t really been able to justify the added effort a DC takes over just modeling what I need, reusing existing geometry whenever possible.


Like Gully, I see little value in fussing with a DC to build stairs.

Aidan Chopra demonstrates fundamental component stair modeling.

I gave you link you should read and learn before using.
Here is another that may help you. [Plugin] Stair Maker • sketchUcation • 1. For straight I just use a story pole to lay out and since each locale may have different code requirements they cannot not cover all cases as Lesile pointed out in his link.
IMHO before you can evaluate if one is good or bad you need know the basics your self.
Lesile’s model has a large input table you have to fill out and has nothing to do with grips, sounds like you were referring to a component and not dynamic component. IMHO you need to read help about DC and learn how to use them.
Here is link to simple search that should help you dynamic components sketchup - Google Search

Thx @mac7595,

I really appreciate the information. I thought it would be good to explore the use of dynamic components and I still may do that but I think @Gully and @Geo are right. I have become fairly proficient at modeling specific components as needed including stairs, so I am going to continue doing it that way and be satisfied with making modifications to components when necessary.

Stairs and railings, like Components, are repetitive by nature and in most locations, by Code.

Then again, there’s this sort of contrivance.
Who would build such a menace?

I wouldn’t be alive if I lived in a place like that. Architectural magazines are also full of houses that have stairs without railings. I always hope that they were removed just for the photograph.



Yes, it seems art is more important to some than mere life and limb.

Stair aficionados can find many beautiful (occasionally lethal) examples here:
StairPorn™ — A weblog showcasing cool stairs from around the world.

Many of these cannot be legally constructed in the U.S.

Two convicts are overheard in the yard:

1st Con: Whatya in for?

2nd Con: 25 to life for murder and extortion. How about you?

1st Con: 5 to 10 for building a dangerous staircase.


To answer your earlier question: Lesile’s DC is a skip file ( component) =>copy into your model , context select, select DC component, select DC instance and the input table then opens to input design parameters. It is old 2010 and I was concerned about using in 2015 because of 2014 API changes but did not see any ruby counsel errors when opening.