Dynamic interaction Z axis on propellers—Any advice?

I’m modeling a 6-bladed propeller and want to have the prop blades rotate on each of their custom Z axis running down the length. My goal is to have an interaction that with each click all 6 propellers rotate through a whole range (reverse pitch to “feathered”).

I’ve tried parent/child relationships, I’ve tried a bunch of things. Nothing I do seems to work. I’m thinking Ruby is involved here, but I’ve not even looked at how that works yet.

Any thoughts? Thanks for any help on this! (this is a really dumbed-down version of my model. The one I’m working on is 8 Mb and I ran into upload issues with that).

PropExample.skp (75.1 KB)

I did not fully understand the problem. Something like that?

Yes, that’s exactly what I am hoping to create with a dynamic interaction. In the Sketchup tutorials an example with a car is provided. You can click on the wheels, and two wheels turn in the same direction by the same amount. I’m attempting to use that as a guide, but it won’t work.

Each propeller has it’s own relative “Z” axis with all propellers with the same common rotation axis (say, the green axis). In what I hope to accomplish, using an interaction, clicking on the propeller causes all of the propellers to rotate on their own custom “Z” axis, but when it sorta works, all the propellers wind up rotating on the component’s default Z axis.

To stop rotations interfering with each other wrap and nest them in their own group or component
prop.skp (125.2 KB)
the example has an onclick to rotate on yaxis, a copy rotate of the prop on the next level, then the pitch rotation on the third. An attribute passes the value down from the choice options

Thanks! I’ll take a look deeper into your example. Looks like you have the bit of knowledge that I needed! I’m a Lightwave modeler and am looking at Sketchup Pro to do some work that probably can be done faster than using LW. I know how I would animate and handle this in Lightwave, but Sketchup has some new stuff for me to learn.

Your response is much appreciated!

You should look at the sketchy physics extension

I already have looked at it. If I continue to use Sketchup in the Pro mode, I’ll definitely get that extension. I’m finding Sketchy to be solid, but obviously it lacks all the tools that Lightwave has—but I use X-Plane for simulation and Sketchup is superior with importing and editing X-Plane .obj files (with the right plugin).

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