Dynamic fences and windows tutorials

I build sunrooms and I’m trying to make a dynamic window where center bar sizes don’t change and the spacing divides evenly depending on how many panels I choose but i’m having trouble finding a tutorial that will explain it nicely. youtube doesn’t have much in that regard. I managed to make a clumsy one but i’d like to refine it and use better formulas. I was looking for dynamic fence tutorials as well to help me make a roof that has a maximum width glass panel and a rafter on each end. my hope is to be able to save a lot of time in my roof and wall designs and be able to type in dimensions that will magically make parts of my sunrooms appear. any tips on where I can learn this?

If you have a typical section profile for the room, and certain spacing rules for the bents (or whatever), Profile Builder 3 might do the trick very nicely.