Dynamic components with multiple attributes


How do I add multiple attributes to a single component. I mean what notation should I type to animate them, in the onclick box


you can use ; semicolon to separate multiple onclick events;

onclick may contain animate(“RotZ”,0,-90) ; set(“a”. 4,5,8,6) ; animateslow(“X” 20,200) and so on.
I believe onclick must be triggered at the same nested level, otherwise its parent or container will always precede and stop the lower onclicks

you can get more than one attribute to be effected by a single onclick event by using a common variable

onclick …aminateslow(“steps”, 0,100)
rotz…=if(steps>50, 90,0)

this variable can also effect attributes above and below its group/component nested station.


Thank you , it was totally helpful.


Thanks, for me and all