Question about animation functions

Why can not the functions “animate, animatefast, etc.” be applied? “Under any attribute other than” onClick "? It would be much more interesting to combine movements of the different components.

Because that is the way Dynamic Components are designed. It is a event (user click) driven animation.

You CAN! Set the onClick attribute on the parent component, and put multiple animate calls inside that reference the attributes of child components:

onClick: ANIMATE("DoorLeft!ROTZ",0,-90); ANIMATE("DoorRight!ROTZ",0,90)

Separate the animate calls with a semi-colon (;).

Yes thank you, but if I would like to create an elevator for example. In a list I select the floor (for example 3), my elevator goes up to the 3rd floor (animateslow) and then the door opens (animateslow). Instead of clicking each time (in the example above 2 times) to start a movement. It would be much more interesting and simpler

You’ll need an extension for more complex animations, such as you describe.

What kind of extension will I need?

An animation extension: