Dynamic Components - Outer Cabinet End Panel Thicknesses

Hi There All,

Does anyone know a macro on how to make the thickness of the End Panel LH + End Panel RH change their thicknesses, when a selection is made in the drop down options in the component options dialogue? The Carcass component must stay at 800mm wide only the end panels to increase/decrease in thickness… I cannot figure out how to do this…

The model is attached is attached if anyone knows how to do this… I’m sure other people have done something similar?

Cheers in advance!


Attached is:
1 x .skp
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Oven Tower Test Model.skp (137.6 KB)

Oven Tower Test Model.skp (125.4 KB)

Hi Phil,

Your a Legend!!! Thank you!!!, this is exactly what I was hoping for and couldn’t figure out myself.

Its people like you who make the forum a great place for people to grow in their learning.




Hi Phil,

I just realized, so now how can “fix locate or lock” the 600mm carcass size width? so the overall width changes from 634mm to 639mm, and the internal carcass stays at 600mm?

I have attached the .skp here, I tried to play with it but am struggling with the LH panels position…



Oven Tower Test Model 2.skp (145.3 KB)

Oven Tower Test Model 2.skp (137.7 KB)

added option to choose if panel required. (it hides and move into the inside of carcass at this stage)
shows how to use the “option” formula

Hi Phil,

I appreciate the extra formulas in the model, however its more extra information I cannot understand at this stage of my learning lol so I tried to delete out the p-opt and the hidden formulas and the model went a bit crazy…

In the component options dialogue box, the only things I want seen are “Height” and “End Panel Thickness”. there will always be a panel either side so do not need the extra “options” or “carcass” at this stage.

What you did to make the Overall width change when the panel thickness is chosen and changed and leave the oven centre cabinet at 600mm fixed is excellent!

I appreciate the extra formulas but they are too advanced for me to even delete out!! hahaha are you able to take these extras out and leave the above required in?



Oven Tower Test Model 2.skp (135.8 KB)
no worries

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Hi Phil,

That looks Awesome!! Works perfectly!! From here I should be able to add a few additional panel thicknesses etc easily.

Thanks for the extra formulas however they are too advanced for me as yet lol…


Wolf from NZ