Dynamic paneling

Morning all,

I’ve been trying to make a simple t & g paneling component with a capping piece at the top… I’ve got the component to copy/array, but was wondering if there is a way I can make it so the panels change to the nearest possible size to get a correct fit between any two points? i.e. the boards are 95mm each, so between two walls @ 950mm apart there would obvs be 10 boards, increase that to 1000mm, and there is a gap.

Is it possible to edit the attributes for the panel width to adjust appropriately?

panelling.skp (68.8 KB)

Thanks in advance!

You can do it using Dynamic Components. I assume you are using Pro but your profile is incomplete.

Yes, using pro… the attached is a dynamic component. The only bit missing is the relevant re-sizing attribute that I had hoped someone would be able to aide me with!

There is a tutorial about it in the SU help pages that uses as an example some picket fencing. Take a look at that and then copy the relevant formulae.

First challenge regarding the LOGIC to calculate “Remnant” Space at End-Walls is to determine if it ocurs on one or both sides. For example, a Picket Fence or Railings would divide Remnant-Space by 2 in order to Center Railings/Pickets. That may NOT be the case in Panelling.

To handle End Pieces, I create a Unique -non standard width- Panel Compo to fit the left-over end gap.

If Remnant=0, End-Gap Panels=Hidden.

I Enclose my 2-Cents worth

190225 wDC panelling.skp (104.8 KB)