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I have created a couple kitchen cabinets as a dynamic component. Uploaded to the warehouse. The dynamics of them become broken when download in to the same model. They work fine independently but not together. I created them by first starting with basic box. Upload then download and make a copy. Right click to make original and more features to the component and upload as a new model.

Now the issues is it appears to keep some of the dynamics of the original even though the component names has changed. Any thoughts?

It would probably help if you can either upload the components to this forum, or at least give a link to the 3D warehouse models.

Here are two test components. They can also be found by searching CabinetPartsPro in the 3D Warehouse. The links below are for 3DB_test and Base Open Test. Each of these works by themselves but when both are in the same model dynamics of the model becomes broken.

You have copied without making the subs unique

to fix, change the label of the parent to a common term, say “base” to all effected.

base.skp (118.2 KB)

Once saved as to a component folder or warehouse, the user can use the instance name, say “B1”…“B5” and the display of the attribute and option dialog will follow, no matter if changed to “cupboard 3” this works provided the name attribute is not used. (note: instance name changes only works outside the original file)


otherwise you need to rebuild each cabinet where copied and make each part unique, which seems to be a lot of work

See this thread. It sounds like your issue might be solved by using the parent!<attribute> method.

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