Dynamic Component with multiple resizable arms / rays?

Is it possible (and if so, I would really appreciate an example) to make a Dynamic Component that has multiple arms/rays/projections emanating from the center, that could be retracted / extended based on 1 measurement? Like, have an input for “Overall Diameter”, and have it adjust the arms based on the formula “Overall Diameter - (2x Module Diameter) - (Center core diameter) = Arm Length”.

For example, if there’s a chandelier that’s available in 20", 30", and 40", I would love to have 1 component that can be adjusted.

Resizing the entire component is not an option, since the light modules at the ends of the arms are the same size, regardless of the lenght of the arms, so I need them to stay the same size while the arms get shorter.

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This just shows the dependent lengths, position and size restrictions along the Z axis. Hopefully it gets you started, it helps if you post a model of your efforts when you are looking for help.
example.skp (136.2 KB)

These SketchUp tutorials are great: Welcome to Dynamic Components

You could also do this in trimble creator

Trimble Creator

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