Dynamic Component preview

Im making a few dynamic components for my use and have noticed that the preview of the components in the component browser is a flat 2D representation looking down on the blue axis. Is it possible to save a 3D view of the component as this makes it much easier to identify (and looks a lot nicer).
Thanks. Jonathan

That’s not the behaviour I got by default on DCs I’ve developed. Here’s one, for example:
Steeldeck DC 6x3.skp (159.5 KB)

Try importing it (not opening it) into a new drawing, R-click, and select Dynamic Component Options.

It looks like this for me:

OOPS - misread your post - sorry. This isn’t the Component Browser view.

That’s 3D perspective too.

Maybe it depends on the view on screen when you save it? Did you save it in Top view?