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Hello, simple question but I can’t find the information anywhere unsurprisingly.

How does one make paragraphs in “component info > description”? I tried all modifier; shift, ctrl and alt with enter but that doesn’t work. So I guess its some kind of function or code to make space between paragraphs or sentences? You can see an example in the picture provided bellow, thats from sketchup directly, so there is certainly a way of doing it.

Thanks for the help.

Found it, its simple HTML.

Simple write < p > and < / p > without the space where you want space between paragraphs. Just use the last one as its not mandatory to encapsulate your text for some reasons.

Source: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_paragraphs.asp

I didn’t know custom HTML were supported here. It could potentially be used for code injection and nasty stuff, unless the HTML is sanitized.

In the past I’ve seen someone use the super ugly hack of padding lines with non-breaking spaces to force line breaks, which of course only works if the window is sized perfectly down to the pixel, and would break if DC was updated to use a different font, different padding etc.

Edit: It seems a, i, u, b and p tags are allowed. br (the actual line break) isn’t though. Also attributes like onclick, and javascript as links seems to all be sanitized.

Hey at least they thought about that! :laughing:

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Checkout this as well:

The dynamic components are integrated in the extension.

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