Dwg / dxf exports for CAM, Arcs still flipping randomly

I’m pretty tired of this problem. It’s been coming up for years now for me and I’ve never truly solved it. Here are some OLD threads about it:

Here is an example in SketchUp (looks good) output as .dxf and viewed in CAD (still looks good), then viewed getting ready for CAM (arcs flipped and reversed).

I do a bunch of designing for 2D manufacture and this problem is unpredictable for me. I know it’s a by-product of mirroring and flipping or clockwise creation of the arc, but I am really hoping for an easier way. Is there anyone else out there outputting toolpaths for CNC (router/laser/plasma)? I’m searching for success stories of a clean pain free pathway for true arcs and circles into CAM. Thanks.


I am too! (Directly out of SU)
Sorry I don’t know solution, just bolstering need for it.

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SimpleDXF will do 2D or 3D and does produce true arcs when importing SimpleDXF (not SU import)
Remember that SU will show arcs as segmented

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