Dream House Location?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

The corner between Lilla Gråbrödersgatan and Kyrkogatan, in the tower.


Or on in a castle on my own alpine peak.


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How about the small house in the corner of Quai d’Anjou and Boulevard Henri IV? Seems just the right size.


Naww, what a cute little house!

Would have to be somewhere with a view and a good climate. Near Grasse in France there are some hills that face south, giving a view right over southern Provence as far as the Mediterranean coast. Can’t do much better than that I reckon. But if I had to stay in the UK, the Yorkshire Dales and the Highlands of Scotland offer some fantastic vistas.

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Mine isn’t any specific location, but a description of the context:

I’d live in a Tiny Home on Wheels, more or less permanently parked in a village of Tiny Homes sharing a common house with a big kitchen facing a great room used for dining as well as other larger group functions. When not used for other purposes, would also function as a village lounging room. Other amenities of the Village would be a laundry, hot tub, baths (I like to soak, but won’t put a bathtub into my tiny home on wheels), woodshop, gardens, outdoor kitchen with grille and wood fired oven.

The village would be 100-300 meters off of a main street which has frequent, well connected public transportation as well as shops selling most of what I need to purchase regularly within easy walking distance. My primary health care facility would be within a 15 minute trip by foot/public transportation.

The climate would be Mediterranean. Definite seasons, but with few freezing days as well as few hot and humid days. Terrain would be essentially flat nearby so my personal vehicle can be a bicycle, but significant green space, including hills and mountains, are a bit further out - but still accessible by public transportation.


I just got back from a trip in the Swiss, Austrian, and Italian Alps, and there are some pretty idyllic spots that I thought I’d like to move to. However I’m scared of avalanches, so if it came down to it, I’d probably end up picking somewhere near the west coast of Ireland – by far the most relaxing place I have been in the 17 countries I’ve spent time in.

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So a trailer park in Italy.

That’s probably the closest description, both in nature and location, to what I’m looking for. But where I live, a trailer park has serious negative connotations in the minds of most of the people. That’s why I used “Village” - it has a more pleasant, community oriented image in the minds of most people.

And it could well be in Italy, provide it meets the nearness requirements to frequent (15 minute headways, ideally less) public transportation and day to day commercial needs.

Really! I can’t believe I may have used a derogatory term by mistake. These foreign cultures are so hard to keep track of.

In a village lost in the depths of Nevada

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