Drawings Quality Review

Hi Folks, for anyone creating construction documents with Layout - what is your drawings review process? What is your workflow/checklist for ensuring drawing accuracy, consistency, and professIonalism? I am working on a very long document for reviewing drawings internally, and am curious how others in the industry approach this tedious task?

Attached is a draft of my checklist, still a work in progress. I borrowed heavily from the Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architects, mainly Appendix F Internal Review of Drawings.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you’d be willing to share!

MASTER CHECKLIST 11.28.22 (DRAFT).pdf (384.8 KB)

The Canadian Handbook is a very good starting point. Additionally, you might also look at AIA (US), RIBA, AIA (Aus) and Google Images for additional checklists in developing your own. My experience is all offices have different checklists developed over their many years of experience, staff input and changing industry standards. Additionally, drawing checklists must by “design” be flexible for local planning/building/fire departments and/or state/province, federal requirements. In the end checklists of this sort are dynamic. Ours continue to be a work of art. Good luck with your efforts.

The AIA has a fairly nice Drawing Checklist to also use for a precedent as you building your own standards of practice.

I would advise to break your checklist into building or project types and tie them together into a job folder with template files with SketchUp and LayOut (Nick Sonder preached this and his LayOut scrapbooks acted as a makeshift checklist. Dude is brilliant!)

Additionally, you can also build something like this into an Excel or Smartsheet Gaant chart to tie tasks with schedule.

Good luck!

  1. Always use standardized templates for both LO & SU.
  2. Separate your drawing set in LO by drawing type…not one huge file.
  3. Create Scrapbooks by drawing type that have all your checklist notes and graphics set to your standards. This is the easiest way to ensure you have all your notation (both specific and general) included in the set.

Thanks but I’m not wicked smaht!

Hey all - meant to reply to this thread last month but it slipped off my radar. Thanks for all of your input! I like all of the advice above and will integrate into our process.

I am no programmer, but with the API now available for Layout (did I say that right?) is it possible to start seeing more extensions that provide architecture specific tools in Layout? I’m thinking of pre-loaded elevation markers, grid lines, etc. In my brief forays into the Autodesk ecosystem, it seems like all this stuff is baked in. I understand that this is all possible with Layout, but it just seems so much more clunky and patched together.