Drawing shape made of several lines and circles that are coplanar

use of the offset tool in irregular shape requires that the model is coplanar ( i just learned from a 2020 post). How can I ensure that a model which has a lot of parts is coplanar?

One way would be to erase the edges dividing the surfaces. If the surfaces disappear it’s likely the faces aren’t coplanar.

Another way would be to set Display Precision as high as you can get it and use the Text tool to place labels at endpoints around the shape. If the surface is supposed to be flat and perpendicular to an axis, the coordinates should show that.

Example. Note that the Z-values are all the same indicating the endpoints are in the same plane.

DaveR also has recommended to me, when you start making a component to use the origin and align with the red, green and blues axes. The other thing that helps me is to use guides like in this video: Guides - Square One - YouTube Even though Aaron uses Pro, you can easily find the tape measure and protractor tools in Go.

thanks for your suggestions.
I could not find Display Precision on my web version. But I did attempt a version 1000 times larger then scale back.
I guess that added precision, but I think the problem was that I didn’t Weld edges very well. Then it worked as advertised.
Thanks again for your help.

The problem was that I did not Weld connections very thoroughly … my bad
Thanks for you help. The video was good