Drawing/Making/Proxying curbs

The situation:

I am trying to make some proper curbs in a garden scenario. The pictures above are just an example, sometimes they are curved, sometimes they are straight.

Is there any workflow which helps me to achieve that? One Idea would be to either divide the front face and side faces accordingly to then quickly align the texture or to place and orientate/align curb components/proxies along the path? Or is this a scenario for Profile Builder? Are there any other plugins that would help me that I don’t know of yet?

Proper curbs (use inferencing system)

proper texture alignment

components along a path


Absolutely - PB is your best friend for doing something like this :slight_smile:

Texturing will be aligned automatically.

Or, if you want to actually model the individual bricks, check out this advanced assembly tutorial:


Some inspirational videos about your request:
First, Second and Last

Sorry, almost forgot This and this X 3D$


Thanks for all your input, @mihai.s, @Whaat and @Charevir!

That PB tutorial looks pretty much exactly what we need. It still might take some time to set up properly but I think it’ll be worth it. Going to get a PB3 demo and see where this takes us… :wink: