Drawing a curve lighting column with different sections

I’m trying to model a lighting column like the picture with follow me but i cant. someone can help me ?


There are a bunch of ways to do that. What is the cross section shape of the lamp post?

Here’s one way using an extension called Shape Bender from the Extension Warehouse.

A straight tapered column as a component with a straight line and a curve of the required shape. Select the component, start Shape Bender, select the straight line and then the curve.

Shape Bender requires the setup as I show with the straight line parallel to the red axis but it’s simple enough to rotate the bent lamp post to vertical once it is completed.

Thank you for your answer
The column have a circular base with 33 cm, 12 cm at straight top with 8 ml height
The curve arm have a circular base with 120 cm and 9cm at top. 2 meters height and 1,95 meters radius
The plugin lets define these measures ?


No. That extension only bend a straight shape into a curved one. You would need to model the straight version with those dimensions.

Another option would be to draw the centerline of the post with the circles of the correct radius at the right points along the curve. Then use Loft Along Path from the Curviloft extension by Fredo6 and available at Sketchucation.

This solves my question
Thank you

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