Drawing a boat turbine and 9mm ammo

How would i draw the blades for this turbine?

And second, does anyone know the parabolic dimensions for a 9mm bullet?



do you want the prop to look good, or be dimensionally specific, or functional?

Dimensionally accurate is nice, but i dont have any drawings at the moment. Learning how to sketch that in supro is my top priority haha

i did a search already for 9mm in google, and none of the results yeilds the correct equation i need to draw the parabolic shape.

as for the 3d warehouse, im not looking for an already drawn model, im wanting to learn how to draw it and use the tools in su pro to create the sweeps of the blades:)

There’s a good reason you are not finding concrete specs for a 9mm parabellum round. Every company makes slightly different ones. Here’s an image of some random ones I have right now. Representative of four different grain weights (115, 119, 124 (a NATO round) and 147) and four different manufacturers (Winchester, Remmington, Hornady andTulAmmo). They are all slighty different.


True, so i can probably assume that any parabolic function that doesnt exceed 9.02mm diameter will do.the trick, even a trapezoidal shape would work. Tha ks for the info

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Easiest approach for the 9mm is find a side view image you like and import that into SU to use as a guide for the nose shape. Easy to do as the diameter is a known dimension and you can work out the length and nose profile from the image.

As for the boat propeller I did a quick search and there is plenty of reference drawings. Question is just how accurate you need to be ? Props are pretty complicated pieces of engineering and can see needing to make use of a fair number of plug ins to get a reasonable model of one.


Doesnt need to be acurate at first. I just want to learn how to do the shape of the blade. Looks like a helix as the main path. But im not completely familiar with all the tools

Hard to guess at how detailed/accurate you are interested in, or where you are in your SketchUp practice. Here’s a simple version using native tools only to start with. You can follow along with the steps in the file.

Prop v18.skp (630.7 KB)


Ill take a peek at the file. Thanks. I have aome more questions on your process but I’ll m exhausted from work and its 2am. Ill ask when im awake haha

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