How to make this boat prop


I am trying hard to make this boat prop but it’s being too complicated to me. Already watched lots of videos but I am not going forward.

I want to make a prop just like the orange →

It does not need to be perfect, Actually I only want to make the “2 paddles” around a cilinder but I am having a hard time. I would like to learn how to do this cause I will test it in the practice (printing it in 3D) so I would like to change radius, pitch…

How can I make a paddle like that around a cilynder? So far I managed to make a terrible spiral, I think you may have much easier way to do this. So far I have this → aa.skp (201.9 KB)

Is the paddle a concave curve? If so, you could cut out a similar shape from a sphere. Then rotate it according to the correct pitch and attach to your cylinder. Mirroring it (mirror twice to change direction) for the other side.

Actually it can be concave or curve, no matter too much. Sorry I didnt understand exactly what you said, if you could be able to show me an example I appreciate!

So far I got this with follow me toool but it’s not good → bb.skp (160.5 KB)

You might try this route … the YouTube video comments give more information.

WOWO MY FRIEND!!! Thats amazing!!! exactly what I want! I just dont know how to finally make a solid from 2 blades. Maybe it’s an easy solutino but I dont know how. Can you please look at this file → aa.skp (1.3 MB)

I used the pen to connect the surfaces but that’s too much work. Is there any easy way to fix it?

I figured out a way to join up the two parts without batata003 having to draw even one line. See if you can guess what way that was!

For a new puzzle, why doesn’t my version show the entity as being a volume?

aa.skp (1.3 MB)

my dear frien @colin how did you do this magic?? Your file is exactly what I want.

Your object was not a solid to me so I used SOLID INSPECTOR 2 and it solved a bunch of problems inside the object but still remains not solid. Do you mind first to tell me how you did this magic?

I did it manually. Hopefully we won’t find there’s an easy automatic way! It kept me amused for a few minutes.

1269 mm³

the hidden group, the two internal faces and all the coplanar triangles, don’t help…

turn soften up to max soon finds them all…


Thanks for the smoothing tip. Here’s a fixed one (quite a bit smaller file with the hidden group deleted).

aa.skp (787.9 KB)

You can add the sides and ends to the surfaces you create by selecting these options one at a time:

If you move the end of the line away from the origin a bit, it will eliminate the “wrapping” around the z-axis.

Here’s the same model with the line moved 1mm away from the origin … exploding the six surfaces and making them into a group shows that it’s a solid. aa_jrh.skp (1.2 MB)

@colin kkkk thanks a lot my friend! I didnt know you did it manually!!! Sorry for taking so long of your time!

@jimhami42 thanks for explaning how to do this without spending so much time connecting dots! I will give it a try to the method you told me and will be back here to say if it worked for me! Thnks in advance!

@jimhami42 my friend I did this:

I first created the spiral using spirix → create surface (exactly as the youtube video show) So the spiral appears, great. Now I do it again (as you said) BUT in the SUFACE box I select the option SIDE 1 and → OK. Nothing looks to happen. So I do it again and select SIDE 2… and keep doing it 2 more times. Nothing looks to happen! Could you please tell me what should I do after creating the spiral to create the sides? I appreciate your help my friend! I really cant connect these dots all the time to create all the surfaces cause I will have to create at least 12 different types of helix!

Are you still specifying the 1 mm offset? Here’s another video that shows how to use the “skirts”.

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