Draw lines with a length and direction

I need to draw lines with Length and Direction e.g. 109’ long; S 24deg 57’35"

Why ?

You can enter length, not direction. Your process involves two steps : first , start with line tool , click for start point, enter length, enter.
Then , select the line, activate rotate tool, select start point of line as the centre of rotation (click), align protractor at endpoint of the line ( second click) drag direction and type number of degrees , enter

Good Day Mike Thanks for your response,
I need to draw my building plot where I will construct my house. I have a surveyors diagram with the five straight lines that form the irregular boundary of the plot each with direction and length

There’s an ancient plugin that would help you do that. Here’s the link. I forget if it comes as a ZIP file or just .rb. I’m typing on my phone and can’t check. If it is a ZIP file, change the extension to .rbz and then use Install Extension in Window>Extension Manager to install it. If it is a .rb, first compress it into a zip file and then change the extension to .rbz and install as above. When you have it installed correctly, it should show in the Draw menu.

Link removed because it was weird. TIG’s posted it below.

Or here ?
An oldie that should still work when in the Plugins folder ??

surveytool.rb (8.4 KB)

Is it worth using a plugin for only five lines?

Draw one line. Rotate it. Start the next line at its end, or base point, whichever way it’s specified, rotate it. Rinse and repeat three more times, and it’s done quicker than installing a plugin, surely?

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Thanks to You All, Jack, TIG and John,
With you guidance I am working on my Structure in a perfect Plot!
Ian Allen

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