Draw a Coil Spring


I am needing to learn how to draw a coil spring. Can anyone help out?



Here is one version without using plugins to make the helix.


@box Any ideas for a spiral?


Do you mean a flat spiral?
Manually I’d just use half circles and a few guide points.


No Sir. I meant a coil spring. For example, a valve spring in a car engine. I do appreciate your going to the lengths you did for me.


So you want a compression spring? Make the radius of the circle less than half the pitch of the helix. Otherwise, Box’s process works the same.


Perfect! Thank you.


Kind of, but imagine wrapping that spiral around a 3d cone shape. I think it can be done with spirix, but I don’t think I’ve seen it done natively.

I don’t mean to spam this thread, I’m just curious.


Another option would be to use Curve Maker to create the path.


Curve Maker does create the original requested helix easily. Playing around I managed to get this using both helix and spiral tools from that set…


Or you could create a tapered helical spring. :smiley:

Or maybe a spring with variable pitch?


Ok clever clogs, give me a chance!
I just need to get a bit of spring in my step first. :cowboy_hat_face:


You can do all sorts of things with a helix once created.
For example


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