Draping Tent legs



Whats the best technique you guys would recommend to achieve what is show in this picture when wrapping tent legs. I need help asap

TentsTest.skp (846.0 KB)


You can use one of Fredo6’s plugins: Curviloft. Draw curves representing the folds at the top and bottom of the wrap, and connect the curves with straight lines. It will also help to use a second plugin, TIG-Weld, to make the curves into single lines.
Hope this helps.


Tig’s ExtrudeTools and Fullmer’s SimpleLoft can do this as well.


Thank David. is there a link you can provide me with?


Thanks chris i got the simplesoft cant see to get the other one


You can find the plugin on the SketchUcation site (www.sketchucation.com). You’ll need to register, but that’s free. Click on the PluginStore at the top of the page, then search for the plugin you want. Note that with Curviloft, you also need to install a separate plugin called LibFredo. With the Extension Warehouse function in SketchUp 2017, installiing plugins has never been easier.
Hope this helps.


Got it thanks again. tutorials are on youtube for this i assume?


I believe Fredo6 has some video documentation, which you can view from his plugin page. I’m also pretty sure you can find something on YouTube.