Draping group causes faces to delete on flat plane


I’m going to assume that this is a quirk when using the Drape tool to drape lines into a flate plane.

I have a flat large rectangle which is my site. I’ve drawn some car parking spaces and grouped the lines. When I drape these onto the flat rectangle plane, they do create the lines I require, but the main face of the large rectangular plane is deleted. The outside edges remain.

The parking lines group is being draped onto the edge of the large group, so maybe that could be causing it?

Just seems odd that it does this.


This often highlights that there are some very small edges somewhere, often little stray edges poking into the area that should be a face.
Or that the selection isn’t entirely flat.
Or that you aren’t holding your tongue the right way.
Often tracing an edge will fix it, sometimes you may as well throw the model away and start again.
It’s not an uncommon thing.

No worries @Box

I think it was the tongue thing.

Luckily I hardly use Drape so I can live with the odd quirk. Good to know it’s not me though.


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