Drag and drop png from an internet browser to sketchup fail

If I drag and drop a png from the internet directly into sketchup 2016 it doesn’t get in the model. I was under the impression this used to work on previous versions:

The following gif shows the issue:
1 - Drag and drop directly into sketchup reads data but fails;
2 - 2nd try also fails;
3 - Drag to desktop is successful;
4 - Drag and drop from desktop to sketchup also works.

Does it happen with other images too (different domain, simple url without special characters)?
Does it work in a different browser?

Do you start SketchUp as admin? I once had a problem as the privileges of the two programs (browser, SU) were different.

Agree. It must be cross-domain security.

With Windows, if SketchUp is set either to ‘Always Run as Administrator’ or you have chosen to ‘Run as Administrator’, then drag-n-drop will no longer work.
This is because Windows prevents a ‘lesser app’ affecting a ‘higher app,’ and Windows Explorer always runs as ‘lower app’… so you need SketchUp to be set at the same ‘level’…

If you install SketchUp from its installer exe using “Run as Administrator” [right-click > context-menu], then there should subsequently be no need to change how SketchUp runs etc - and all should be well…

So then you can drag-n-drop images [and several other other file types] directly into the SKP window…

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Thanks guys, as it was an easy to solve issue I forgot to report back… I don’t run Sketchup as Admin so that is probably it.