SketchUp install, reinstall and Send to Layout Failures

First, I would like to know why Sketch-Up should not be used easily similar to all other software and we have to use it as administrator? Then, the Layout is not working properly and does not transfer drawing into Layout Page.

I was forced once again to uninstall and reinstall SP and lose all extensions I had downloaded over again!
This should not be happened at all, but unfortunately, it occurs often!

First, you do not have to run SketchUp as administrator. On Windows machines you must run the installer use Run as administrator from the Context menu. this is because of the way Microsoft has added security to the operating system. If you install SketchUp using Run as administrator while logged into Windows as your normal user, you shouldn’t have any problems.

If the extensions were installed in the correct location, uninstalling SketchUp would not result in their removal. With correct installation they are installed in a User directory that is not affected by uninstalling the application.

This isn’t unusual if you failed to install SketchUp and LayOut correctly from the beginning. Install it correctly and there should be no problems.

Thank you!

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