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Hi, just trying to get started in Layout here and was wondering if there’s a way to do rebar and reinforcement details on a plan sheet. As this is primarily what I would need the program for. Or maybe to simplify the question, is there any way to create rebar and concrete floor details anywhere in Sketchup? I’ve tried to find how-to videos but can’t seem to pull up anything specific. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Although I suppose you could draw them in LayOut, I would be inclined to model those details in SketchUp and send them to LayOut. There might some things I’d add in LO such as dashed line but the bulk of the drawing work I’d do in SU.

Yes, as @DaveR replied, the way to set it up is usually within SketchUp. you Model what is going to be in the model. Modeling the slab doesn’t give any problems, but modeling the rebar is a different ballgame, it can bloat the file with a lot of polygons and edges.
If you do wanna go this route, be sure to set the ‘sides’ to a lower (8 or 6) count after choosing the circle tool or arc.
Here, I use Profilebuilder to make a foundation:

Though, in most rebar drawings, a much simpler, almost symbolic drawing is more common:
I use this model to get the outline of the concrete, and so I set up a scene in SketchUp, save the file and send it to LayOut.

I draw the outline of the insulation as a scaled drawing (same as the viewport is set to) and then draw the rebar as simple linestrokes:

Again, with the scaled drawing, you don’t have recalculate to scale, you would just type the ‘real world’ dimensions

here the file:rebar.skp (236.7 KB)


Hi @jared.Tradesmith, I also use a combination of SU and LO for details as @DaveR and @MikeWayzovski note.

As @MikeWayzovski notes, I also suggest using diagrammatic details normally in lieu of modeling the full rebar layout and making sections. As I normally do diagrammatic details, I also use mostly square shapes (for plan/elevation view elements) to speed up modeling and reduce model size. I also have developed a 2D combined with 3D approach in SU to make my 2D details, that also speeds up my modeling.

Here is my workflow:

(1) Camera>Perspective View of SU Detail

(2) Camera>Parallel Projection View of SU Detail

(3) Finished Detail in LO

Hope this helps.


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