Downloading an older version of Vray for Sketchup Studio

Hello everyone,

I’m using the 2024 version of sketchup and the 6.20.03 version of Vray. I’ve been with some bugs using this version of Vray. How can I download an older version? When I click the download button in Trimble area, it automatically begins to download the newer one, there is no option of downloading an older version of Vray.

Contact Customer Support at Chaos Group. They should be able to help you out.

Older versions of V-Ray won’t work with SketchUp 2024. The latest update was specifically to allow that.


You can always download versions of v-ray from Chaos.
However as @Anssi says, the latest version is the only version that works with 2024

Improvements & bugfixes

  • Added support for SketchUp 2024
  • Entering sleep mode no longer severs the communication between V-Ray and SketchUp
  • A warning message is now shown when attempting to save a SketchUp model while V-Ray Vision or Vantage is linked. Performing the save action while in live-link mode is not possible due to a SketchUp-side limitation
  • The file path verification in the Export V-Ray Scene and Export V-Ray Proxy windows is improved
  • Fixed an issue preventing Cloud rendering job name from being populated when restarting the submit process
  • Fixed an error appearing when Cloud jobs are submitted multiple times in a row
  • Attempting to upload an image via the Chaos Cloud Collaboration window before rendering no longer produces an error. A warning is shown instead
  • Improved notification for missing Chaos Cloud application
  • Canceling a Cloud job submittal shortly after launch no longer causes an error
  • An issue causing the NVIDIA AI Denoiser’s Upscale option to be enabled for each Denoiser type is resolved
  • An issue with enabled NVIDIA AI Denoiser’s Upscale option breaking the preview of a Cloud job and a Viewport rendering is resolved
  • An issue preventing Hue from being set to 0 or 1 in the Color Picker is now resolved
  • Deleting multiple maps of the same texture type simultaneously no longer causes a crash
  • An issue preventing the Dirt texture’s Ignore Self-occlusion option from functioning correctly is resolved
  • An issue caused by undoing an Enmesh creation leading to a blank Asset Editor is now resolved
  • An issue preventing the update of the Scatter’s preview when changing guests probability, is now resolved
  • Deletion of a Mesh Light during interactive rendering no longer causes its host object to also disappear
  • An issue with importing Proxy scenes more than once during Interactive rendering is fixed
  • Deletion of groups or component instances during interactive rendering is now handled in a more reliable way
  • Fixed a crash on Proxy Scene import or export in models containing Scatter assets with enabled viewport preview
  • Making scene changes while saving specific SketchUp models no longer leads to a crash
  • macOS: Attempting to render specific scenes containing Fur in RTX mode no longer causes a crash
  • macOS: Starting a CUDA render while the secondary GI engine is set to Light Cache no longer leads to a crash
  • An issue preventing V-Ray Vision’s user interface from functioning on macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 (and later) is resolved

I have the Sketchup Studio that already has Vray in the package, so I don’t know if I can download the vray straight from Chaos.

That’s why I suggested you get in touch with Chaos Group’s Customer Support. As was pointed out, though, older versions of Vray won’t work with SketchUp 2024 anyway.

You can. But no old versions work with 2024