Down-saving Issue with SketchUp 2022

Greeting to all. I just installed the SketchUp 2022, but the Direct Link for Twinmotion is not working. Therefore I would like to downsaving my file back the 2021. Since it worked fine just before I upgraded the SketchUp.

However the selections in ‘Save as type’ contains all previous versions except 2021, (see below pic)

Your help and advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Save it as 2019 or 2020

I will try. many thanks.

might wanna check this thread, too:

To clarify: The SKP file format is the same for versions 2022 and 2021. Version 2021 can open version 2022 files. It gives a warning message, but it works. That is why there is no save as item for 2021.

Here is a link to a preview version of the Datasmith exporter for SketchUp 2022

I believe they are moving away from the direct link plugin