Doing Dangerous things with Layers

Continuing the discussion from Explode to Layer0:

I’m splitting this off as a topic because it’s veering away from the original issue of the original post.

While it’s true that the expert can, in many cases, assign layers to raw geometry in ways that can cause massive problems for the beginner, and while I consider myself to be enough of an expert (in this regard) to safely do so, I’ve chosen not to do so where it can be avoided as I don’t trust myself to remember the dangerous things I might have done if I let the model lie dormant for more than a week!

And this much I CAN say about my use case from work: I’ve also created a “Warnings” layer - where I annotate (using a text label) every place I’ve “broken” the “no geometry off layer0” rule. THAT layer is visible only on my “Model Here” scene and is turned off on all my presentation scenes (whether for animation or for export to Layout.)

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Well, you must have a system, otherwise it will get messy. I do not refer to ‘dangerous’, merely inconvenient so to speak, about the line propriety being stashed in the Layer control. We still need hacks in LayOut to create multi linewidth/dashes exports (stacking viewports)

The condoc tools now have a dashed line assigned to Layer0, as a way to check that everything is grouped.