Does Sketchup have any analysis tools?

Does Sketchup Pro have any analysis tools? For example, I want to find out the radius of an existing geometry in my file. If the answer is no, is there a plugin for this sort of thing?


Hello. Have a look at the Entity Info window tab. It displays almost all the necessary information, like area, number of segments, sum of line length and radius of arcs and circles. Keep in mind, though, that exploding circular geometry will lose the radius information.

Thank you! Yes, I see what you mean. I notice that on a rectangle with a radiused corner, the Entity info will show me the length of the curved segment when I click on it, but not the actual radius.

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Hi Joel, hi folks.

If you click on a single arc, the Entity Info dialog box (EIDB) shows the arc radius.

The EIDB will present specific information for each basic entity (edge, arc, circle, polygon, etc.).

If you have more than one entity, the information given by the EIDB will be more a summary of information regrouping the various entities, like the total length of a path or a perimeter or the volume of a group or component if it is considered as solid, an so on.

Experiment to see what the EIDB has to offer for all kind of single entities and also selections of multiple entities.

Read the help about this Dialog Box.

Just ideas.


I’ve just noticed something peculiar. In the screenshot above, I’m showing Joel the information presented in the Entity Info when a circle edge is selected. But it says ‘Arc’. Shouldn’t it say ‘Circle’? Never payed attention to it before.

Did you do something to modify the circle? Is there an intersecting edge breaking the circle?

I was curious so I probed the arc’s metadata before and after drawing the associated line. The only change I observed was that when the line was added, the arc’s end angle changed from 360 degrees to 720 degrees (which strikes me as a bug!). This leads me to believe that the Entity Info Window decides to call the entity a circle only if its sweep is 360 degrees, and an arc otherwise.

Tried it again. I must’ve accidentally broke the circle while drawing it yesterday night. Was too tired to be attentive at 6:30 am, hehe. Here’s a gif.

Hmmm. Things are getting a little weird. I went back into my file this morning and discovered a few things. (See photos.) If I select a radius in the sink, The EI info gives me segment number and length. But, if I select the radius in the countertop, the EI info gives me segments and also the radius.

I drew both of these items, nothing was imported from the 3D Library. Both items are grouped objects.

I should also mention that the sink is noted as a “Solid Group”, and I get a definite volume value in the EI, but the countertop is noted as simply a “Group”, and I get no volume value. I see no apparent holes in the (very simple) geometry.

How is the curve on the edge of the sink identified in entity Info? In order to show a radius, it must be called an arc by SketchUp. If it is shown as a “curve” the radius won’t be displayed.

A group or component must be a solid to show a volume. There may be some small line segment or an internal face or something preventing it from being solid.

If you upload the model, folks here can give you a definitive explanation.

Dave, the sink arc is indeed shown in the EI as a “curve”. I find this odd, because to build the sink, I copied the curves on the edge of the opening in the countertop, pasted it onto a surface, trimmed the excess off that surface, then push-pulled my way to a sink. Nothing to lose sleep over, but curious how the curves were transformed into “curves”, and did not remain “arcs”.

On another note regarding fixing broken solids, does Sketchup have any edge tool checkers, similar to that found in Rhino?

You must have done something to make that arc a curve.

You could use ThomThom’s Solid Inspector2 from the Extension Warehouse.

FWIW, I drew a quickie thing similar to yours. I copied the arcs and straight edges from the opening and used them to create a sort of sink. the arcs still report as arcs. There must be something else in the process that results in the arc being called a curve.

Well Dave you could be right. As a new user (exactly two weeks!) it’s very possible I’m building my geometry incorrectly in some instances! Coming from the world of Rhino, this SketchUp does have a slightly different approach to things! If I find my error, I’ll report it for the benefit of all.

It’ll be good if you figure out what it is that caused the change. What did you do to create the sink after you copied the edges from the opening in the counter?

After I copied the countertop’s cutout edge lines, I pasted it onto a surface, then trimmed away everything outside of the copied lines. I then Push-Pulled the remaining surface up around 10", making the solid. Then I offset the solid’s top surface curves inward 1/8". Then I Push-Pulled that inner surface downward into the solid to make the sink hollow. The last step was to Push-Pull the garbage disposal hole at the bottom of the sink.

I just went through those steps. the copied and pasted radii show as arcs but the offset edges are curves.

Interesting. My sink shows that both the outer arc and the inner arc are both defined as curves.

So there still must be some different step in there.

Offsetting an arc unfortunately converts it into a curve. The Offset tool creates segments that are parallel to the original and the endpoints are perpendicular to the original, making the start and end segments shorter. In an arc, all segments are equal.