Does an SSD speed up opening a sketchup file? and also rendering times?

Hello, everyone. I am building a rendering PC that will mostly use sketchup, 3ds max, unreal engine and most importantly vray.
Here is my draft:
Ryzen 1700
Gigabyte AB350N Gaming Wifi (AM4) B350, ITX, 4*ddr4
8gb ddr4 2400 G.Skill Ripjaws V, red, CL15 1.2v, pn: F4 2400C15S 8GVR
Corsair 550watts, PSU, VS, VS550, 80PLUS white
250gb Samsung 960 EVO, SSD, M.2 NVMe 1.1 PCIE 3.0x4; R|W: 3200|1500 330k|300K, pn: MZ-V6E250BW
Thermaltake TT Core V1, itx, 1x200mm, pn: 1B8-00S1WN
GTX 1050 Ti (Will get this first and save up for a better GPU)
(is my build ok? My budget is around 1000$ and I am from the PH.)
I was wondering if the samsung 960 evo is worth it or should I go switch to a much cheaper SSD. Because one problem that I am currently encountering is the load up time in opening up a huge sketchup file and also the save time because sketchup autosaves and sometimes it takes too long. Will the 960 evo affect loading time? And also about loading assets in unreal engine? And also would it affect render time?

Yes, SSD speeds up saving & loading time for any software. Also i think it speeds up materials & components that are being read right before render (It won’t have any effect while rendering), so creating a folder in your SSD for materials & components will result better. Thus i suggest you to get a 500 GB SSD if you can.

Basically you can think like this: whenever softwares needs to read/write/get something from SSD, it will benefit.

Also check their benchmark, to see if anyone have tested your set up:

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Do you think its worth getting the 960 evo? Would there be a difference if i get a sata ssd? Or is the difference noticeable?

Yea, already did. The ryzen has an amazing result compared to its intel counter part.

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[quote=“krisRgarrido, post:4, topic:52129”]Would there be a difference if i get a sata ssd? Or is the difference noticeable?

there is no noticeable difference to SATA SSDs, go for a Samsung 850 Evo/Pro with at least 500 gb instead… and maybe invest the saved money in a GTX 1060 (Asus or MSI).

Be aware, that SU is and will be single threaded in the foreseeable future, thus multiple kernels will benefit rendering tasks only.

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