Does a (replace with same size component) solution exist?

Does a solution/extension exist to solve my problem? I have been using Sketchup pro for around 10 years to design kitchens. I have a library of doors that I have created with different styles i.e Shaker, flat, beaded Shaker etc. I copy & paste into model & then manually resize each door to unit using the box stretching tool from Fredoscale which maintains the frame proportions… great tool… this takes a lifetime. I have been looking for a way that I can swap out all doors in one go for a different one/style i.e various size flat doors for Shaker doors while maintaining the proportions (frame size of Shaker door) when resized. Components are great for swapping things out but not if they are different sizes! This would be a great & real time saving extension… but does it exist?

You could make a dynamic door component with a stretchable frame for each of your door styles and use a visibility parameter to choose which style to show. You could look at the many examples in the Component Warehouse and “take them apart” to see how they are done.

Yeah, looked at dynamic doors but still need to adjust each one independently!

Have you seen this:

Good extension but cant input your own doors. Thanks anyway.

It’s hard to imagine a door style that you have made that couldn’t be replicated in Garry’s CabMaker extension. Not sure if he has implemented a global replace function for door style but maybe @gkernan can respond.

Actually - you have a lot of flexibility in creating doors with your own profiles.

Neial - Email me and I can most likely help you out.

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I’ve used Profile Builder for some of my cabinet projects. I model my own rail/stile profiles and the profiles are easy to switch in and out, once you develop a library of profiles. It usually just takes a line to add the flat.

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Maybe this could happen with Profile Builder - . I haven’t looked at it from this perspective, but it is fairly versatile.

Sorry, got called away for a while. Thanks for all your advice…