Do we have F2 - rename shortcut? I couldn't find it

I want to quickly rename group with F2 shortcut but I couldnm’t find it

I believe that F2 is one of the keys reserved for the operating system… some keys cannot have shortcuts mapped to them.

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thanks I will take that at a no. I will rename it manually then! :smiley:

I have F2 assigned to Hide rest of model (I’m on Windows).

Is it actually the case that there is no command/menu item to rename a group that one could assign a shortcut too… at least I can’t find one.

Perhaps a ruby script could create a command/menu item that renames the group too which you could then assign a shortcut to…?

There is no native rename command to invoke via a shortcut. So regardless of the F2 availability this would require an extension to trigger via the shortcut (as @paul.mcalenan speculated). However, if you have the entity info window open (as many of us do all the time), when you select a group or component instance you can edit the name there. A shortcut would have to open a dialog for you to enter the new name, so no real savings of effort.

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