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Have created a simple square 7 x 7 inches base and then pulled it upward to create a simple solid, like a column. I then made a dado on the top face 2 inches wide, which looks like this |¯|_|¯|. When I individually take the measurement of the thickness of the two resulting sides and of the gap between them, they all return 2 inches. This of course make no sense, as 2+2+2=6 while the column width is actually 7.

Upload the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got. I’ll bet my beer money there’s no bug in the software that is causing this.

Bancofresa.skp (296.8 KB)

You have the units set to meters, not inches, and you have very coarse Display Precision set for the size of the object you are modeling.

Change the units to something more appropropriate. If you want to model in inches, set the units to either Fractional or Decimal Inches. And set the Display Precision high enough that you can see the actual dimensions. Here’s Decimal Inches with the Display Precision increased.

You probably want to center your castle joint, don’t you?

No bug in SketchUp. Just incorrect units and Display Precision selected.

Correct! Thank you so much for your help. I will make the changes you suggested.

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You might want to remove ‘bug’ from the keywords with the title.

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